Raised in Harlem, Mia is a queer artist in New York. A graduate at the City College of New York, where she studied sociology and gender studies.  Mia is a visual creative, her work is centered with the intentions to document authentic and intimate spaces. An attached sociological lens can be seen in her work. In 2017, she started her first documentary project on her yearly visits to the Dominican Republic documenting her deported father, exploring themes of identity,  restriction of the body, and the effects of immigration. An ongoing project.
In 2019, Mia released a second documentary project.  A photo documentary focused on assimilation, capitalism and emotional labor in the African hair braiding community. This work has been selected to be apart of SKEW magazine (2020) 

Mia also focuses on portraiture and has worked freelance with Dreamville, Interscope and Preme magazine. A resource link..


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